Tool Kit

The tool kit holds other ideas and approaches that ON Play Members think are important but are not currently selected for the focus product. These items may be future focus products. Partners will be encouraged to continue their work on any topic that relates to the concepts in the tool kit. Please let us know if you are working on any of these topics. We would enjoy to share and learn from you.

    1. Build 5 Natural Play Areas and Develop a Support Mechanism for Future Play Area :  The group would focus on identifying projects, finding funding and materials and working with qualified designers and installers to develop 5 natural play areas.The projects would range in size, location, and target users. Follow up studies would be done to review use of the play area, injuries, and maintenance.
    2. Simple Statement and Partner Development :  Formulate a simple goals statement and start building a wide partner base that will support these goals. We understand that we will need to formulate a simple statement early in the process no matter what the product will be the first year.
    3. Study the Benefits of Natural Play: We believe that natural play benefits a child in many ways including; physical, developmental, and social. This product is a collection of appropriate studies with analysis on their combined results and identification of holes in the existing research. We may formulate a study to fill current holes in data.
    4. Develop 5 to 10 Standard Natural Play Pieces: Develop a short list of natural play elements that are fully explained, meet safety standards, are educational, and are low risk. We will provide photos, details, materials lists and information to support construction of these elements across the state. These standard pieces can be implemented regionally without intensive planning or cost.
    5. A Series of Natural Play White Papers:  As a group we would use our specific and collective knowledge to develop a series of white papers. Papers may focus on safety and risk in natural play areas. White papers would be reviewed by the core group or advisory members and be published regularly to a central location for public use.
    6. Oregon Guidelines for Natural Play : Develop a set of guidelines for natural play in Oregon that can eventually serve as accepted state-wide and locally principles. We anticipate the standards to address topics such as safety, risk, materials, and maintenance as appropriate for Oregon sites. These standards are to be developed based upon the teams experience with developing and maintaining natural play areas. The initial aim is that they serve as a guide for others developing natural play areas who need a better understandings of how to design, develop, and maintain natural play areas.

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